Thursday, 31 January 2013

AW13/14 Colour Forecast

Winter for AW13 is going to be about the combinations of colour as much as the hues themselves. 
Modish combos, of black and white, mixed with bright sky blues, or fresh teal greens will give a clean cut edge to the season. Camel will be mixed with orange, deep red and wine, while khaki sits along side teal green and mint. These are striking clashes, that shouldn't work, but somehow do.
A beautiful neutral dark sea blue will emerge from the depths, as a flattering tone that suits most skin types, and we have will have the safety of indigo and navy in softer almost purple based tones. 
This palette can be easily deciphered by reading colours in close proximity to how they are portrayed above. Give a colour something tonal to compliment it, and then clash it against something unexpected. The only exception will be the graphic black and white coming through from summer, and the important grey hues, that will dominate our wardrobes. These necessary neutrals will feature prominently, and can me mixed and matched across the board.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Emerging Colours: Grey Day

A grey out is coming. Its been waiting in the wings for some time, bringing a sombre power dressing vibe to our wardrobes. Think grey worn head to toe in varying shades, in over sized masculine silhouettes, or in classical Grecian draping.
All colours from my AW12/13 forecast... they greys were there this winter, but I think they might be more prominent for the following season...maybe I was a little early!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Emerging Colour: CAMEL

Camel will be making a strong appearance come the AW13 shows. This staple neutral will be combined in a slightly 70's vibe, with oranges, plums and deep reds, or with indigo and brighter baby blue to give a fresher vibe.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Emerging Trend: Monochrome

There has been such a mix, match and clash of prints recently, that inevitably, we were all going to need some visual chill out time. As predicted in my SS13 forecast, monochrome is going to be big, especially if we are taking cues of some of the most exciting and successful shows so far this season. Gucci showed only single hues head to toe, giving bold silhouettes and those amazing ruffles time to shine. Jil Sander came back after 8 years to show beautiful minimalism in deeper hues, and Marni showed simple volume in both monochrome and basic colour blocking. While Ferragamo kept it muted with all over camels and khakis.
Could be a wee bit harder to replicate in real life, as in most cases even the shoes matched...
Colours shown below are from both my SS13 and AW12/13 forecasts.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Emerging Prints: PATCHWORK

Patchwork prints anyone? As predicted here, and now shown at the SS13 Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Yay!
Image from The Sartorialist

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Emerging Colour: Blood Orange

Lets just say its a hunch. I feel like I have been seeing blood orange everywhere, but for some reason, can not find current reference pictures to prove it. Such a vibrant, saturated colour is hard to miss when you're out and about, and it looks so lovely against sun kissed skin at the end of summer.

Seasons are changing here in London. The air has started to get a slight chill in the early mornings, and the days are just that little bit darker in the evenings. Maybe that is why it has been emerging recently; so fresh and summery, but deep and autumnal at the same time.

main image

Friday, 3 August 2012

Emerging Colour Trend: WHITE OUT

A white out is coming to give us a bit of visual chill out time. Against all the bright prints and colour, white is simple, clean and refreshing.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Emerging Print: PATCHWORK: Round 2

Got to love Dries for being one step ahead as always... with these amazing patchworked prints from Summer 12. Coolhunter had a post on outdoor wallpaper, and you can't help but wonder at the work and beauty in ancient mosaics. This is what I mean by gorgeous patchwork.

far left, bottom right, all other images

Emerging Print: PATCHWORK

Patchwork. It brings to mind little old ladies with homes stacked full of quilts, or hippies with long flowing patchwork skirts.
However it is coming back as print inspiration for Summer 2013. Of course, its fashion, and this is going to be gorgeous, not that naff version that you might have in mind. This will be haute patchwork, with subtle and well considered clashes and matches.
Think combining the same print in two different colourways, or in varied scales. Think on trend palettes with modern florals, geometrics, ethnic inspiration and photographs. Could be interesting!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Emerging colour: YELLOW

Yellow will show us optimism and playfulness. It will emerge not just in fashion, but in food, packaging, interiors and all facets of design. Let the sunshine in!

Images via: Left image, Top center, Top right, Bottom center and Bottom right

Emerging Print: TAPA CLOTH

We've been in the tropics this summer with Hawaiian prints and bright hues everywhere.
Now we move down to the southern pacific; to the islands of Samoa, Fiji and Tonga and discover the Tapa cloth. Vintage inspiration is predominantly in bark and natural hues, while a modern reincarnation could move to brighter colours. Shades will remain tonal within the print, never having too much contrast.